About Us

Doll Lashes provides luxury quality Mink lashes. They are handcrafted and designed to achieve your desired look. Our line of luxurious lashes are the highest quality and we also are cruelty-free.  Your eyes are the first thing people notice when looking at you.  Eyelashes have always helped women to complete their makeup look. Our eyelashes make eyes appear bigger and more striking. Every girl wants to be look like a Doll  we're are here for that!

The best lashes should not only look good but feel good as well. With a comfortable, light-weight, these lashes will even last you up to 15 wears!

Doll Lashes is proud to present to you our custom luxury line of mink lashes that are long-lasting, light-weight, comfortable, and fabulous!

Doll Lashes also has a great variety of makeup, tools and accessories from different brands recognized in the market with which we have partnered.


Difference between Synthetic and Mink

The difference between synthetic and natural eyelashes is not only how they appear but how they feel. Synthetic eyelashes feel unnatural and feel heavy.  Mink eyelashes are of a premium high end quality with flexible Cotton band that feels so natural that no one will know you are even wearing a lashes, our lashes they are NOT made from any real mink fur. They are cruelty-free. We call Mink because the are lightweight, so soft, natural, fluffy to similar of natural human lashes.